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January 27, 2020

AMLO's Mexico: a glossary - Tip News

AMLO's Mexico: a glossary

AMLO's Mexico: a glossary
'Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presents his government report at Mexico City's Zocalo Square in July 2019' - By: AFP/File RONALDO SCHEMIDT

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is reshaping the language of politics in Mexico with his colorful, folksy take on Spanish. Here is a glossary of key terms to understand the man known as "AMLO" and his opponents.

- AMLO -

Short for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, from his initials; used by both detractors and followers. See also: Peje.

- Camajan -

Used of a lazy person who finds creative ways to live off the efforts of others; frequently applied by Lopez Obrador to opposition politicians or business executives. Cuban in origin.

- Chairo -

A Lopez Obrador supporter; used by detractors.

- Cuarta Transformacion (Fourth Transformation) -

Lopez Obrador calls his government the "Fourth Transformation" of Mexico, putting his presidency on a par with what he considers the three other moments that changed the country's history:

1) The war for independence from Spain (1810-1821).

2) The Reform (mid-19th century), a liberal overhaul of the country's institutions.

3) The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), which overthrew dictator Porfirio Diaz.

- Fifi -

An adjective to describe a wealthy, snobbish person. Last in widespread use during the Mexican Revolution, Lopez Obrador has revived the word as an insult for opponents.

- Machuchon -

Overly luxurious, swanky or expensive.

- Mananera -

Lopez Obrador's morning news conference, held every weekday at 7:00 am; from a word meaning "morning sex."

- Me canso ganso -

A comical rhyme popularized by a 1940s film, this roughly translates as: "Or I'll be a monkey's uncle." Lopez Obrador frequently follows up his promises with this phrase.

- Moche -

A kick-back payment or bribe.

- Peje -

A nickname for Lopez Obrador; from "pez lagarto" or "pejelagarto," a freshwater fish widespread in his home state, Tabasco. See also: AMLO.

- Pejezombie -

Someone who mindlessly follows Lopez Obrador; used by opponents.

- Pirruri -

Used by Lopez Obrador to describe an ignorant wealthy person; coined from the name of a 1970s television character played by comedian Luis de Alba.

- Senoritingo -

A pejorative version of the diminutive "senorito," or "little mister;" used by Lopez Obrador to refer to opponents he perceives as aristocrats.

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