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September 16, 2019

Clashes as 'yellow vest' protesters revive protests across France - Tip News

Clashes as 'yellow vest' protesters revive protests across France

Clashes as 'yellow vest' protesters revive protests across France
'A French police car was set on fire on the sidelines of an anti-government demonstration called by the "Yellow Vests" movement in Montpellier, southern France' - By: AFP Pascal GUYOT

French police clashed Saturday with anti-government protesters seeking to inject fresh momentum into demonstrations calling for social justice and the ouster of President Emmanuel Macron.

The so-called "yellow vest" movement had tapered off over the summer, but its leaders hope to galvanise support for a fresh wave of rallies across the country as the government begins a reform of France's retirement system.

Officials in the southern city of Montpellier said around 2,000 people gathered in the city centre -- organisers put their numbers at closer to 5,000.

During clashes between police and protesters, officers fired tear gas to try to disperse the crowd and a firebomb wrecked an unoccupied police car. Several storefronts were vandalised and police said seven people had been detained.

The region's officials blamed what it said were around 500 members of the hard-core Black Bloc for the violence.

Organisers of the protests had called for a major demonstration Montpellier, long a stronghold of the movement.

But smaller rallies took place in other cities around France, including Paris, Marseille, Rouen, Lille, Strasbourg, Dijon and Toulouse.

There were clashes in the northern city of Rouen, where around 500 demonstrators turned out, including members of the CGT trades union. Police arrested 26 people and cautioned 111. Shop windows and some in the city's court were smashed.

Police said 650 people turned out in the northern city of Lille -- organisers put the figure at 1,500 -- in a march that passed off peacefully.

"We're all together, we want the government to drastically change its policies... and radical change can only come when this government resigns," said Alexandre Chantry, a yellow vest organiser in Lille.

Police said around 800 people demonstrated in Paris, where the authorities have maintained a ban on protests at the Champs-Elysees, scene of major clashes and extensive destruction during past protests.

Officers said they arrested 89 people in the capital.

The yellow vest movement began last November, triggered by anger over a fuel tax increase.

It quickly evolved into a broader movement against Macron, accused of ignoring the day-to-day struggles of low-income earners in small-town and rural France.

The protests rocked Macron's presidency, and he eventually unveiled nearly 17 billion euros ($18.8 billion) in wage boosts and tax cuts for low earners to quell the protests.

He vowed to better address voters' grievances after months of town-hall debates.

But after attracting 282,000 people nationwide at the first day of protest on November 17, their numbers have fallen sharply by last spring, and only sporadic protests were seen over the summer.

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